Sylvester Da Cunha who Introduced Amul Girl to the World

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Sylvester Da cunha played an important role in giving the Amul company a different identity in the whole world. Sylvester Dacunha designed the Utterly Butterly “Amul Girl” advertisement for the Amul company. This ad became very viral. Utterly Butterly “Amul Girl” ad was a continuous longer ad. With this advertisement, the Amul company got a different identity in the country and abroad.After this successful campaign, Sylvester Dacunha along with his brother started the Dacunha Communication advertisement agency in 1969.

Sylvester Da cunha Biography

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Sylvester Dacunha, who had a different identity in the advertising world, had a good understanding of the market. The company founded by Sylvester Dacunha is today managed by his son Rahul Dacunha. It is a matter of great sadness that Sylvester Dacunha passed away on 20 June 2023. Do you know about Sylvester Dacunha, if you do not know and want to know, then you are at the right place. In this article, complete information about Sylvester Dacunha has been given.

Sylvester Da cunha Biography

Clear information about Sylvester da Cunha is not available anywhere. Paying tribute to Amul’s official Instagram, Sylvester da Cunha’s birth year has been mentioned as 1930. As soon as we get accurate information about his birth, our article will be updated. The birth place of Sylvester da Cunha is Mumbai Maharashtra.And on June 20, 2023, Sylvester Dacunha died at the age of 80.

Sylvester Dacunha was identified as a businessman and marketing specialist. He did marketing for many companies and created advertisements for them. But Sylvester Dacunha’s real identity came in 1966 from the advertisement of Utterly Butterly “Amul Girl”. Sylvester Dacunha has established a marketing company with his brother. Presently the company is run by his son Rahul Sylvester Dacunha. Sylvester da Cunha made a mark in his lifetime as a successful entrepreneur in the field of marketing and advertising.

Sylvester Da Cunha Family 

Sylvester Da Cunha’s wife’s name is Nisha Da Cunha and their son’s name is Rahul Da Cunha. Apart from this, the information of other members of his family is not available. As information about other family members becomes available. it will be updated in the article. Sylvester Da Cunha is a native of India. Who had Indian citizenship. Many people considered him a foreigner because of his name. Sylvester Da Cunha followed Chirstain religion

Sylvester Da Cunha Age

Information about Da Cunha’s date of birth is lacking. Paying tribute to Dakunha, the Amul company has said that he was born in 1930. It has been reported in some news channels and newspapers that he has died at the age of 80. So according to this he was born in 1943. As soon as we get accurate information about it, then our article will be updated.

Sylvester Da Cunha net worth

The total earnings of Sylvester Da Cunha have been disclosed in TV channels and newspapers. According to TV channels and newspapers, Sylvester Da Cunha’s net worth is INR115 CR.

Contribution of Sylvester Da Cunha to Amul Company

Sylvester Da Cunha had an important role in taking Gujarat’s diary company to the country and abroad. In 1966, Dr. Kurier, the chairman of Amul Company, proposed to make an advertisement of the company in front of Da Cunha. From which Da Cunha has taken it as a challenge. Da Cunha’s thought that this Amul ad should click in the minds of children and housewives. It happened anyway. The ad went viral after airing and became history.

Now Rahul Da Cunha is handling the legacy

Da Cunha founded Da Cunha Communication with his brother in the year 1969 after the successful campaign of Amul. Completed 50 years in the company in 2016. The company has worked for big brands in these 50 years. Da Cunha Communications is currently being handled by Da Cunha’s son Rahul Da Cunha.

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