Somy Ali Painful revelation of Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend – biography, career, movie, net worth

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Somy Ali – Actress turned social worker Somy has been Salman’s ex-girlfriend. The actress had a good name in Bollywood in the 90s, but today she is not active in the film world. In a recent interview, Somy has revealed a painful accident that happened in her childhood. At the age of just 9, he was physically abused by his cook and gatekeeper. Somy said that she never came out of this accident. Due to which she could not concentrate on her studies. Somy said in the interview that she did not have a good childhood, her parents also used to fight often.

Somy Ali Painful revelation of Salman Khan's ex-girlfriend

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Salman Khan and Somi were seen together in the 1992 film ‘Buland’. The film could not do much at the box office. And the film was released in some theaters only. After that Somi was seen in ‘Chup’. After that Somi bid goodbye to the film world and dedicated her life to social activism. Today, she raises the voice of women’s rights through her organization. Do you know about Somi, if you don’t know then it doesn’t matter. Information about Somi is given in the article that remains on this page.

Somy Ali Biography

Somi is an American Pakistani actress, filmmaker, and writer as well as a social activist. Who was born on 25 March 1976 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The actress entered Bollywood in 1992 with Salman Khan’s film ‘Buland’. Debuted from. And currently, after leaving the film industry, she is working as an activist for the rights of African women. Somi has her own organization named No More Tears. Although Somi is away from limelight, sometimes she comes into limelight.

Quick View

Name Somy Ali
Father Name Madan Ali
Mother Name
Tehmina Ali
Date of Birth  25 March 1976
Age 47 (2023)
Birth Place  Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.
Nationality Pkaistani
Profession Actress, writer, Filmmaker , Social Activist
Religion  Muslim
Debut in Bollywood 1992

Somy Ali early life and career

Somi was brought up in Karachi and received her early education at the Convent of Jesus and Mary, Karachi. After that, her mother and brother shifted to America. After having contact with Salman, she came to India at the age of 16. After that she worked in modeling and many films in India. Stayed in India from 1991 to 1998 and worked with famous Indian stars in 10 films. Somi said goodbye to Bollywood in 1999 and returned to America to pursue her studies. Somi left her mark in Bollywood in her short career.

Somy Ali Body Measurements

Height 5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight 60 Kg
Eye Color  Brown
Hire Color Black
Skin color Wheatish
Breast Size 34
waist size 26
Hips Size 25

Somi Ali’s family

Father  Madan Ali
Mother  Tehmina Ali
Borther Mohammed Ali
Sister  Hina Ali , Huma Ali

Somy Ali and Salman Khan affair

Salman khan somy ali – Somy and Salman Khan’s affair lasted for eight years from 1991 to 1998. After the breakup of Somy and Salman, she went back to America. It was Salman Khan who brought Somy to India, it was he who got her film work. The pairing of Salman and Somy was seen in ‘Buland’ in 1992. In the year 2022, very serious allegations were made against Somy. He said that Salman Khan had exploited an actress and burnt her with a cigarette. And Salman used to beat him also. Even after breaking up with Salman, he used to torture her a lot. Let’s try to ensure that Somy doesn’t get any work.

Somy Ali net worth

Somy Ali net worth is 3 to 5 million dollars in 2023. Somy charges $10,000 as a monthly fee. Somy’s main source of income comes from films and secondly from shows, ads etc.

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Unknown facts of Somy Ali

  • Somy Ali is a Pakistani American actress, film producer and writer.
  • When Somy came to India, she was only 16 years old.
  • It was Salman who invited Somy to come to India and also got him work in films.
  • Somy acted in 10 films in Bollywood between 1991 and 1998.
  • Somy stayed in India till she had an affair with Salman Khan, after which she returned to America in 1999.

Somy Ali is a social worker

Somy has said in many interviews that he has lived a tortured life. That’s why she knows the pain of women. Due to this, she has decided to spend her life being a woman activist. For which an organization named NO MORE TEAR is run. Through which she raises her voice for the rights of African women. And always encourages the oppressed women of the society to come forward.

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