Jane Dipika Garrett , plus size model, won the hearts of millions of people in Miss Universe 2023 – Biography, Wiki, Career, Family, etc.

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Jane Dipika Garrett : Recently, many models showed off their beauty in Miss Universe 2023. And won millions of hearts.. One name among those models is Dipika Garrett, who represented Nepal in Miss Universe 2023. When Dipika Garrett spoke on stage, everyone’s eyes were on her. In one fell swoop, all the standards of beauty that had been created for years were shattered. Dipika Garrett is a plus size model. Earlier, only girls of medium figure took part in a competition which was considered the standard of beauty. Dipika Garrett not only participated in this competition but made her place in the top 20.

Jane Dipika Garrett

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Miss Universe 2023 was held in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. This time Miss Universe 2023 was special in many ways, one is that plus size model Dipika Garrett made history by walking and two transgender women also participated in this competition. 22 year old Dipika Garrett weighs 80 kg. Never before had a woman with so much weight participated in this competition. Dipika Garrett has also won the title of Miss Universe Nepal. Do you know about Dipika Garrett? If you don’t know then read the entire article, information about Dipika Garrett is given in the article.

Jane Dipika Garrett Biography – Jane Dipika Garrett wiki

Jane Dipika Garrett Bio : Dipika Garrett is an American model of Nepali origin. Who was born in 2000 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dipika Garrett also holds American citizenship. Bah is a nurse and business developer by profession. Dipika Garrett came into limelight as Miss Universe 2023, despite being a plus size model, she made it to the top 20. Dipika Garrett is the first model to do so. She has made history at Miss Universe 2023.

Jane Dipika Garrett

Name Jane Dipika Garrett
Father Name Mr. Garrett
Mother Name Jaene Jaene
Date of Birth N/A
Birth Place  Kathmandu, Nepal
Age  23 , 22
Nationality Nepal
Profession Model , Nurse and business developer
Religion Hindu 
Title winner Miss Univers Nepal

Jane Dipika Garrett Early Life and Education

Jane Dipika Garrett

Dipika was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. His father is an American and mother is of Nepalese origin. Dipika was brought up in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dipika received her primary education from the British School, Kathmandu. Dipika has a Bachelor of Nursing degree. Dipika is currently serving as a nurse in America.

Jane Dipika Garrett Career

There were many difficulties in the field in which Dipika had planned to make her career. Because till date, in beauty pageants, more importance was given to slim and low weight women, who were also considered the standard of beauty. But Dipika was a plus size woman and her weight was also 80kg. But Deepika never gave up and won Miss Universe Nepal in September.

Jane Dipika Garrett

Dipika became the first plus size model to be crowned Miss Universe Nepal. And became a source of inspiration for those girls who did not participate in beauty pageants due to being overweight. And to a large extent, it was not even successful in changing people’s thinking. Competed at the Miss Universe 2023 pageant in El Salvador in November 2023 and represented Nepal. For the first time, a plus size model took part in the Miss Universe pageant, creating history in Miss Universe 2023.

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Deepika came into limelight when the video of her swimsuit round went viral on the internet. In which I was looking very beautiful with confidence. Deepika participated in the competition and made her place in the top 20.

Jane Dipika Garrett Body Measurements

Deepika is a beautiful plus size model. Even though Deepika is a plus size model, her suits are plus size according to her height. Deepika is a beautiful model, when she walked in a swim suit, everyone’s eyes were fixed on her. Videos of her swimsuit walk went viral on the internet. After that everyone became curious to know about him. And searching about him started on the internet. His videos are still trending on the internet.


Height 5-feet, 7-inches
Weight 80Kg
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Skin Color Wheatish
Breast Size 38
Waist size 32
Hips Size 40

Jane Dipika Garrett Weight

Dipika’s weight is 80kg. When it came into discussion that Miss Universe Nepal is a plus size model and a plus size model represented Nepal in Miss Universe 2023. Since then, more and more searches about Dipika started happening on the internet. Being a plus size model, people search about her weight on the internet. For your weight information, let me tell you that his weight is 80 Kg.

Jane Dipika Garrett is a victim of illness

Dipika Garrett is suffering from hormonal imbalance. Due to which his body weight has increased. Deepika is a woman of positive thoughts and sacrifice, who never gave up. Dipika never hid her obesity, but accepted it and continued her journey.Jane Dipika Garrett

Won Miss Universe Nepal in September 2023 and represented Nepal at the Miss Universe pageant in November. Breaking the standards of beauty pageants, she gave a message to the world that plus size can also be a model, and made her place in the top 20.

Jane Dipika Garrett Parents

Jane Dipika Garrett

Dipika father name is Garrett who is an American businessman. His mother’s name is Jaene Jaene who is of Nepali origin.

Jane Dipika Garrett family

Dipika family consists of her father, mother, two sisters and a brother.

Jane Dipika Garrett religion

Deepika has currently maintained silence on matters related to religion. Till now there has been no public statement as to which religion she is a follower of. People are making a lot of speculations about his religion. His father, being an American businessman, considers him a follower of Christianity.Jane Dipika Garrett

And some people believe that he was born and brought up in Nepal. Nepal is a Hindu nation, hence their religion is Hindu. This is only for people to believe, till now no official statement has come from Deepika’s side.

Jane Dipika Garrett FAQ

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h3″ img=”” question=”Jane Dipika Garrett Weight ?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] Dipika is an 80 kg plus size model. She told the world that the standard of beauty is not just being slim. Opened the way for girls who could not enter this field due to being plus size. [/sc_fs_faq]

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h3″ img=”” question=”Is Jane Dipika Garrett a Nepali citizen?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] Dipika’s father is an American businessman. And his mother is of Nepali origin. Currently Deepika is working as a nurse in America. It is not yet revealed which country’s citizenship he holds. [/sc_fs_faq]


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